8 Outdoorsy Holiday Gifts You Can’t Wrap

We aren’t much of gift givers between the two of us. Usually, we will plan a date, a trip, or an experience together and call that our gift! If we really want something, we will save up to purchase it. We recently sold nearly everything we owned when we moved to Arizona, and are wanting to keep the things we own to only necessary items. We also really enjoy quality time together, and often feel we appreciate these trips and experiences a lot more than a gift! So, if you are thinking outside of the box this holiday season, and want to give someone in your life something they will really enjoy, we have compiled a list of outdoorsy gifts for Christmas you can’t wrap:

1. A Glamping Stay: Treat someone in your life with a glamping trip! There are so many beautiful spots to glamp, and for many people, these trips are a little bit more luxurious than a camping trip. Check out airbnb for locations near where you would like to travel!

2. Plan a Camping/Backpacking Trip: Does this person really love spending time outdoors, or have they said they would like to more? What better gift than to surprise them with a camping or backpacking trip already planned! These trips can be fairly inexpensive and planning is often the hardest part! Doing all of this work on the back end, and making it easy for them to just have to get in the car and leave is such a great present for anyone who loves the outdoors! Need some backpacking gear? Check out our backpacking checklist here.

3. An REI class on an activity they have been wanting to try: Do you know this person has been wanting to get into an outdoor activity, but they don’t know where to start? REI offers tons of classes on hiking, mountain biking, climbing, backpacking, cross country skiing, and more! This knowledge can be priceless for someone wanting to learn a new sport, and you will be fueling plenty of future adventures by helping them start! Check out REI’s class offerings here!

4. Purchase a permit for a place they have been wanting to travel to: Permits are usually fairly inexpensive, but can be hard to come by! Finding a permit for someone can be such a great gift, because it saves them time and planning, because often theses need to be reserved 6 months ahead of time! Places like The Wave in Utah, Mount Whitney in California, Half Dome in Yosemite, and The Narrows in Zion (the full trail) all require permits that can be very difficult to get! Giving someone a gift of a permit not only fuels a wonderful adventure ahead, but also gives them a gift they likely could not have gotten this year without your help! (Mount Whitney and Half Dome permits typically are open for applications after Christmas, but there are tons of places available in the Sierra Nevada that have permits open now for May and June!).

5. Book an experience for your next trip: Do you already have a trip planned for next year with this person, or know of a trip they are going on? Book an experience for them on that trip! Give them a lasting memory and an extra adventure they were not expecting, and make the trip extra memorable! This could be anything from a hot air balloon ride, an ATV for a day (these are very popular in Sedona!), some mountain bikes to rent for a day, a guided tour, or anything else you can think of! These kinds of experiences can make a trip so much more memorable and giving the gift of adventure will be greatly appreciated!

6. Plan an epic adventure: Has this person always wanted to go skydiving? Or do they have a climb on their bucket list they’ve been dying to do? Or have they always wanted to kayak down some white water rapids? Get these goals accomplished and plan a trip! It can be hard to find the time to achieve these kinds of goals, and putting them into action is a priceless gift any adventure junkie will remember forever.

7. Get them a month (or more) at a local climbing gym: Are they an avid climber and have been wanting to go to the indoor gym? Or have they never tried but have voiced an interest in climbing? It can be hard to start a membership at a gym and commit to monthly payments. Set up a month or two at a local gym for them to dip their feet in and give it a try! This is a gift that will keep on giving!

8. Book a van or RV on Outdoorsy! Outdoorsy is a website where you can book RV’s, travel trailers, and vans for a trip! It is similar to airbnb, but you have the freedom to travel with your home on wheels! Headed towards Flagstaff or Sedona? We have a friend with an awesome van here perfect for all of your Arizona adventures! Check it out here!